Cultural sustainability

Cultural sustainability is the first theme of our project. 

It consists of four paths: cultural, food, musical and literary paths

Cultural path

Each country is asked to visit a historical site/area to enhance the children’s consciousness about the importance of promoting the local heritage and local attractions.

Final product: an information leaflet or a short tourist guide that must include for example a map of the local area and pictures of local attractions.

Food path

Each country is asked to visit a local farm/farmhouse to promote, preserve and revalue the ancient typical local food. Children will take pictures of this experience.

Final product: students will make a recipe book of their traditional food and a recipe e-book.

Musical path

Each country is asked to get to know their traditional music and dance and experience it as well.

Final product: countries will make a traditional music/song/drama or dance performance and realize a short video with the description of goals/objectives/theme of the work.

Literary path

Final product: each country is asked to make puppets and a puppets theater from a national epic – in other words, realize a short script in English to be performed and a short video of the work with the description of goals/objectives/theme.


Final product: The final product will be a DVD that collects all the work carried out by the different schools (from both musical and literary paths).

Italy-Frosinone will produce the DVD by May ( for the mobility in France).