France, Vigy


Sunday 12.05.19

The first day started with a lunch between adults. After that the adults and the children visited a Museum of Modern Art. The art pieces were quite odd but interesting. Everybody was excited.

Then the children went back to their host families and the adults took a walk in the city center.

Monday 13.05.19

The first event at school was a welcoming ceremony. Everybody was dancing Macarena!

As a part of the ceremony we buried a time capsule in the school yard. It contained children’s stories about life now and their dreams of the future.

After a guided tour we ate a delicious school lunch.

Then the students took part in classes and the adults had the first meeting.

Tuesday 14.05.19

On Tuesday we visited Metz. After a guided tour we spend time in the city center shopping, eating ice cream, seeing sights etc. In the evening we all went bowling. We  also ate some snacks there.

Wednesday 15.05.19

In the morning the adults had a meeting and the children spent time in nature. At lunch time we had a picnic in the school yard. It was great. 

After the picnic we all took part in workshops about solar energy and zero energy houses.

Thursday 16.05.19

Early in the Thursday morning we went by bus to Strasbourg. We visited the cathedral and the European Council where we had a guided tour.

In the evening the adults made a boat trip on the river.

Friday 17.05.19

On Friday morning we left Vigy and France. Our visit was wonderful and we got plenty of good memories, new fiends and nice experiences.