Social sustainability

Social sustainability was the third theme of our project.

It consists of three paths: team, fitness and cooperation paths.


The aim is to gather ideas for supporting team play and team building in classrooms and form a material package for the teachers to use in the partner schools. The aim is also to try these ideas in classrooms in every partner school. Finally, as part of the team play, bullying is discussed, especially cyber bullying. Moreover, a police officer is invited to school to discuss especially about cyber bullying also for the students and for the families.

Final product: Creating a video collage about executing the different activities in the classrooms and creating a photo collage/poster from the Prevent bullying.


The aim is that each partner school presents their own ideas about how to get more physical activity during the school days, this includes also small changes inside the school days to make the pupils move more. The aim is also to hold a challenge where pupils run around the school grounds or do some other physical activity trying to “travel” the distance from Finland to Italy to France and to Spain.

Final product: Making a leaflet with written instructions and photos about the chosen activities and creating a photo collage about doing the “travel” challenge.


Students make an art piece that expresses an opinion about sustainable development in collaboration with other students The aim is to learn how to work in collaboration, respecting others’ opinions and listening each other.

Final product: Photos of the art pieces with the titles and description of the used materials.