Introducing the school in Frosinone, Italy

Founded in 1961, our school is located in the lower area of the city, at the crossroads of important communication routes close to the railway station, the bus station and the motorway exit. It’s a school characterized by the study of many musical instruments (piano, violin, clarinet, guitar, trumpet, flute). The school has about 550 pupils and 80 teachers, there are also students with special needs.

We are convinced that education has a relevant responsibility in raising significant awareness about the environmental challenges or modern society and consequently we are convinced that the school must analyze its role and define what can be done in order to equip the learners with the adequate knowledge and competences for a correct and careful sustainable development. By participating in this project, our students together with their parents will become more aware of problems of sustainability in our country and will be part of the process of becoming more sustainable in their everyday life. In addition we believe that cooperation between European schools is an effective way to support integration and intercultural dialogue.